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  • Who is Location Connect? How long have they been in business?
    Location Connect, part of the Tech/Knowledge family of companies, provides advanced internet, Wi-Fi, streaming, and telecommunication services for film & television productions, events, conventions, festivals, automotive events, competitions, sporting events, concerts, and airshows. Tech/Knowledge, has been providing information technology, wireless, and telecommunication consulting services since 1984. The Location Connect division was formed in the spring of 2000.
  • What's the company's focus?
    Our primary mission is finding innovative ways of using advanced network connectivity and IT technology to support your event, production, or convention. We provide all forms of on-site communication, including managed Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, zero downtime streaming, networking, telecommunications, wired and wireless telephone services, cellular reinforcement, 2-way radio systems, onsite video delivery over IP, and wiring for locations or offices.
  • What services does Location Connect provide?
    We use the latest technology from Cisco, Cradlepoint, Peplink, Ruckus Wireless, Nextcom, and SonicWALL to build capable, resilient, and redundant networks. We rent portable internet devices (desktop and rugged) for cost effective rapid network deployment. We supply telecommunications services (phones, two-way radios, nationwide Push To Talk) for event of all types. We provide full project management services for all onsite data, video, and voice communications needs. Location Connect has the talent, experience, and expertise to serve the event and production community with all these services.
  • What is Zero Downtime Streaming?
    Zero Downtime Streaming uses advanced SDWAN technology to transmit redundant packet duplicated video and audio streams over multiple carriers (landline, wireless, cellular, or satellite) for mission critical streaming applications. Unlike traditional internet failover which could interrupt streams for seconds or minutes when a problem occurs, our technology allows instant recovery from internet issues. Additionally our technology can adapt to connection unreliability by utilizing intelligent algorithms to fill in connectivity gaps, trading bandwidth for greater connection resiliency.
  • Where can they provide these services? Do they provide service inside the studio zone?
    Location Connect services are available anywhere inside and outside the studio zone. From our HQ in the Los Angeles area, we have provided services in all regions of the United States, the Caribbean, and many European countries. With the support of our partners and agents, we can provide services throughout the globe. The method and technology used varies dependent location and on client requirements.
  • We want to have a webcast or streaming video from the location or event. Can Location Connect help?
    We provide SDWAN technology to deploy redundant packet duplicated data feeds over multiple carriers for mission critical streaming applications. We also deploy local IP streaming technology to distribute production and monitoring video throughout a location. Company personnel have supported TV, stage & film productions, and large corporate events and understand the exigencies of production. Staff includes engineers experienced in webcast and streaming network architecture. They will work with the webcast / streaming provider to ensure a smooth event. If the event doesn't have a webcast partner, we will work with one of our streaming partners for a seamless technical experience.
  • My location or venue already has Internet service. The stages I'm renting have Internet service. What can Location Connect do for me?
    Location Connect provides all the support and service to ensure that these connections are usable, capable, and reliable. They provide managed internet services that allow for traffic prioritization and consumption management based on use case, department, or other need. They provide advanced wireless systems for connecting your computers and mobile devices which provides seamless roaming as your staff move throughout the venue, base camp, or office and stay connected. Location Connect also can provide cellular reinforcement systems to improve cell phone service in fringe areas, two-way radio systems, and Unity Intercom which provides an app-based intercom system interfacing to production comm systems (ClearCom / Telex) anywhere in the world. They provide full project management services for all onsite data, video, and voice communications needs.
  • I want to ensure the important departments at my event or production can communicate no matter what the rest of the staff is doing. Can Location Connect help?
    Yes. As part of the Location Connect service, the company provides a next generation firewall system that allows for granular management and prioritization of bandwidth utilization, ensuring that important departments get first priority. Network controls can include protecting demo or streaming users from other onsite data consumers. Multiple wireless networks can be provisioned for various departments and groups that assign priorities based on the wireless network they are connected to. Network technicians and engineers watch for overuse and unapproved uses of the Internet, and prevent unauthorized users from accessing the connection.
  • My event or production will be out of business if the Internet connection fails. How can Location Connect ensure we stay online?
    When the Internet is this essential, Location Connect will bring multiple, redundant connections to the location or venue. This could include terrestrial fiber or copper internet circuits, fixed wireless, satellite, or aggregated cellular service. The advanced network equipment will automatically fail over to redundant connections in the event of internet failure and traffic can be load balanced across multiple internet links. For exceptionally mission critical data flows our SDWAN equipment can duplicate every packet and send them over two network connections to be reassembled and validated at a remote data center location. On site technicians and engineers can be assigned to the location during active hours to ensure the network equipment is running properly.
  • I want to ensure that communications between the location, corporate or production offices, accounting and payroll service, and remote users all remain confidential. Can Location Connect help?"
    Location Connect service includes a next generation firewall that provides advanced security features including site to site VPN's, content filtering to block malicious websites, and secure remote access. Production and demo networks can be segregated from guest and extra networks to protect critical data. The technology ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your information during transmission, from end to end. The company's background in secure Government communications gives them the experience needed to implement this properly.
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