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Location Connect Services

Location Connect provides a wide range of technical solutions for Airshows, Automotive Events, Corporate Events, Emergency Internet, Facilities, Festivals & Concerts, Film & Television, Gaming Tournaments, Hackathons, Marketing Events, Meetings & Conventions, Offices, Sporting Events, and Trade Shows.


Location Connect provides all the support and service to ensure that your connectivity needs are satisfied. We provide managed internet services that allow for traffic prioritization and consumption management based on use case, department, or other need. We can bring multiple, redundant connections to the location, facility,  office, or venue. Our advanced network equipment will automatically fail over to redundant connections and traffic can be load balanced across multiple internet links. The system is supported by experienced network technicians and engineers. 


Zero Downtime Streaming

Zero Downtime Streaming uses advanced SDWAN technology to transmit redundant packet duplicated video and audio streams over multiple carriers (landline, wireless, cellular, or satellite) for mission critical audio and video streaming or teleconferencing applications. Our technology allows instant recovery from internet issues and can adapt to connection unreliability by filling in connectivity gaps and providing greater connection resiliency. The system also dramatically improves VoIP and IP based intercom system  call quality.


We supply a full line of portable Wi-Fi routers available for sale or daily, weekly, or long-term rentals. They provide greater speed and are more reliable than a MiFi or Puck type internet solutions and function well for internet backup. They support wired connections for printers, kiosks, displays, or PC’s and can use high gain cellular or Wi-Fi antennas for better coverage. No IT experience is required to set them up and typically requires less than five minutes to get internet going almost anywhere. A network switch can be added to support more computers, printers, and access points for a wider Wi-Fi coverage area. 


IT and Information Security

Location Connect provides full IT services for your event, conference, office, or production. We provide PC, Mac, printer, and mobile device support onsite or remote. Our team includes staff trained in the latest computing technology and cybersecurity standards. Location Connect provides next generation firewalls that provides advanced security features including site to site VPN's, content filtering, and secure remote access. Production, administrative,  and demo networks can be segregated from guest and extra networks to protect critical data. We ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your information during transmission, from end to end.


Location Connect sells and rents Nextcom Nationwide (US and Canada) Push to Talk over Cellular (POC) radios A single press of the PTT button and you're instantly communicating with individuals or teams no matter where they are in the country. Never have to worry about being out of range again, the Nextcom radios work wherever there is cellular 3G/4G LTE coverage in the USA and Canada with no roaming fees. Built-in Wi-Fi option allows superior in-building coverage where cellular signals may be weak. Perfect for production logistics, events, festivals, and meetings. Want to learn more? Contact us for a demonstration. 


Location Connect deploys a superior, best of breed, managed Wi-Fi solution from Ruckus Wireless. With our wide selection of indoor and outdoor wireless access points we can provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage for your event, production, festival, office, meeting, or trade show. Location Connect Wi-Fi technology allows for multiple networks for each group, department, or team each with a separate network priority and consumption policy. Our network has the ability to directly focus Wi-Fi signals towards wireless clients once they're detected, reinforcing signal paths in high-interference or low-service areas. Our technology allows for robust connectivity for 10 to 20,000 devices.  


Portable Satellite Data Uplinks

Location Connect  offers portable satellite data terminals for internet access and audio / video streaming anywhere in the continental USA. We offer Starlink and Geosynchronous Satellite Terminals.  Geosync systems are more reliable for streaming video while Starlink is better for general internet access and voice telecommunications and is more portable. Our team will help you choose the best technology for your needs.  


Point to Point Internet / Data Links

Need internet connectivity in a remote area? What about a  second connection for that important event or production? Don't have time for a wired connection to be installed? Fixed Wireless links from Location Connect are the solution. We have provided microwave links for customers large and small from the Oscars  to second connections for small business. 

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Video Streaming and Conferencing

Organizing an event or broadcast can be stressful. Our team of streaming media professionals will put you at ease with our full-service production offerings. Location Connect offers on-location capturing, live streaming, recording, content storage, and encoding right from your set, location, or event extending the reach of your content. Capture keynote sessions, breakouts, event highlights, production footage,  sponsor spotlights and more.

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