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Venue  Services

Location Connect provides a variety of management and technical services for Event Venues, Meeting Facilities, Production Offices, and Film & Television Stages and Locations. We work with our partner venues to build a robust technology portfolio for their clients, customers, and staff and increase opportunities for revenue generation. 

Venue Clients:

  • Riverfront Stages

  • Riverfront Locations

  • Sportsman Lodge

  • Kapital Entertainment

  • SBE Entertainment Group

Venue Technology Consulting:

We work with our venue clients to increase their technical capabilities, better support production and event requests, and identify revenue enhancement opportunities. Examples include identifying additional rental revenue streams from technical services, adding infrastructure upgrades that streamline event production and increase venue desirability, and assisting with marketing material updates to encourage events with greater revenue potential.    


Managed Internet Access:

Our managed internet services allow venues to concentrate on what they do best, provide great locations for events, meetings, parties, productions, and their support staff. We assume management of the venue network infrastructure, increase its capability and reliability, and provide revenue sharing opportunities.  We will facilitate the installation of multiple, redundant connections to the location and implement a managed  internet solution that  allow for traffic prioritization and consumption management based on use case, department, or other need.  Our robust Wi-Fi solutions can provide Internet connectivity for groups from 10 -10,000. Our staff includes Security Engineers who can develop secure networks for venue staff and clients. 


Video and Audio Streaming and Telecom:

Location Connect is a full service telecommunications provider and implements VoIP solutions, conferencing systems, and Zero Downtime Streaming solutions for mission critical teleconferencing and video / audio streaming. Our technology transmits video and audio streams & conferencing over multiple carriers (landline, wireless, cellular, or satellite) and allows instant recovery from internet issues rather than the 30-60 delay common in traditional failover solutions.  


Building Network, CCTV, and AV Installations:

Location Connect offers full service installation services for the most advanced network, CCTV, and AV infrastructure.   


Event Power Improvements:

Through our partnership with Gary Floyd and Associates (CA Lic 700613), a California Licensed General and Commercial Electrical Contracting Firm, we provide consulting and installation of electrical improvements to better suit the needs of the events, meetings, conventions,  trade shows, sporting  & marketing events, and their support staff. Many of these improvements can be a separate rental line item allowing for revenue enhancement. 

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