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Wi-Fi, Internet, Streaming, and Networking Services

Location Connect provides all the support and service to ensure that your event, production, or business connectivity needs are satisfied. We  deploy a superior, best of breed, managed Wi-Fi solution from Ruckus Wireless. We provide managed internet services that allow for traffic prioritization and consumption management based on use case, department, or other need.  We will bring multiple, redundant connections to the location, facility, office, or venue. We provide full streaming support including local delivery throughout the venue or set or globally to social media or content delivery networks. Our advanced network equipment will automatically fail over to redundant connections and traffic can be load balanced or duplicated across multiple internet links. A robust network infrastructure will support all our client's temporary or permanent data communication needs.   

With our wide selection of indoor and outdoor wireless access points we can provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage for your event, business, production, festival, meeting, or trade show. Location Connect Wi-Fi technology allows for multiple networks for each group, department, or team each with a separate network priority and consumption policy. Our network has the ability to directly focus Wi-Fi signals towards wireless clients once they're detected, reinforcing signal paths in high-interference or low-service areas. Our technology allows for robust connectivity for 10 to 20,000 devices.  The system is supported by experienced network technicians and engineers. 

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