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Global Town Hall - October, 2022

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

October 2022

Location Connect provided our robust networking services for the global town hall for a major corporation. This solution known as our Zero Downtime streaming package duplicates the video or audio stream across multiple internet connections and adds forward error correction allowing the system to mathematically recreate missing packets.

We deployed our new high speed 5G modem on the roof of the building providing a redundant internet connection for the video stream.

Zero Downtime Streaming uses advanced SDWAN technology to transmit redundant packet duplicated video and audio streams over multiple carriers (landline, wireless, cellular, or satellite) for mission critical audio and video streaming or teleconferencing applications. Our technology allows instant recovery from internet issues and can adapt to connection unreliability by filling in connectivity gaps and providing greater connection resiliency. The system also dramatically improves VoIP and IP based intercom system call quality.

The system allows transmissions over a wide variety of connection options including fiber, cable, fixed wireless (microwave), satellite, or 4G / 5G Cellular. We provide a turnkey solutions for all streaming needs. We now offer ultra portable solutions that are light enough to be checked luggage on most airlines.

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