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  • Jim Bloomquist

Its a Wrap - CES 2023

Location Connect was in force at CES 2023. Between press events and booth networking it was a busy show for the whole team. We have been providing tech services for CES for twenty years.

Once again we provided a managed network and Wi-Fi install for one of the premier press events for CES, Showstoppers. Connections included an internet pipe from the hotel and a 5G cellular backup system. Additionally we blanketed the event space with a Ruckus managed Wi-Fi system. Exhibitors were provided wired and wireless connectivity to support their product demos and an additional network was provided for on-site press usage.

Here is our managed internet NOC at the NXP Booth at CES 2023. This allowed us to create multiple wired and Wi-Fi networks each with their own rate limits and priorities. Internet connectivity at CES is very expensive so a system needed to be implemented to effectivly manage the limited resource and prevent any one or group of network users from monopolizing the network. Additionally the client had multiple meeting rooms operating video conference calls and a live video stream with VIP interviews.

This year's CES demonstrated significant advances in display panel technologies including panels that can be shaped for complex immersive displays.

Roland was showing off several new electronic instruments that could easily be found in a futuristic cantina in Mos Eisley.

Here is a pic from the balcony at the House of Blues Foundation Room. Pretty Impressive!

After all the major work was done at CES, the Location Connect crew had a great wrap dinner at the House of Blues Foundation Room @ the top of Mandalay Bay. Thanks to all the hard work, it takes a great team! Looking forward to next year.

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