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  • Jim Bloomquist

Backup Internet isn't Enough for Streaming!

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Planning on streaming your next meeting, event, or production? Has the venue or internet provider told you that they have a backup internet connection, so everything is fine? Well, here is a reality check, it isn’t enough! Most backup internet solutions will only kick in if the internet connection goes hard down. This situation is actually very rare, the more likely scenario is that the internet connection will become degraded and suffer from high latency or packet loss. This is fine for web browsing, email, and general internet usage, it is however catastrophic for video and audio streaming. We offer a custom SDWAN load balancing solution which duplicates your video or audio stream across two (or more) isolated internet connections and reassembles the traffic at data centers distributed across the globe. This provides seamless load balancing and failover between connections with zero downtime. This combined with a fully managed and monitored onsite network operations center provides your event or production with reliable and robust internet connectivity for your crew, staff, talent, and streaming data feeds.

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