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  • Jim Bloomquist

The new Location Connect rugged Micro-NOC - Part 1

Our new Rugged Micro-NOC is coming together. Being constructed in-house by our head engineer, Jim Bloomquist, this new unit will add to our existing table top portable internet units.

Current Status: The Cradlepoint modem is mounted, GPS antenna installed, external connectors for Wi-Fi and LTE are in place. All that remains is to install the external Ethernet connectors, securely mount the remaining pieces, and put on all the labels.

See the newly mounted antenna connectors on the Micro-NOC. These should be substantially more rugged than the connectors built in the Cradlepoint radio. 12 Volt power input is via 4-pin XLR so it can be run off a battery belt or pack, cigarette lighter cable, or AC adaptor. A reverse voltage protection circuit is installed to protect the electronics.

And here is the Micro-NOC all closed up. When sealed in its case it should be water resistant (though definitely not water proof) so mild misting or rain should be tolerated.

Once this unit is complete it will be added to our rental inventory with high gain cellular and Wi-Fi antennas as an available option.

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