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The new rugged portable Internet device is complete.

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Our new rugged portable internet solution is now complete and available for rental. The device provides temporary WiFi and Internet connectivity for up to 20 devices but is resistant to dust and dampness. Ideal for outdoor deployments, it can be powered off a wall outlet or 12-volt battery. The power inlet uses a standard 4-pin XLR connector common with film and video production batteries. The unit includes two ethernet ports, one for a LAN connection such as a printer, PC, or network switch and one for an onsite internet connection for cellular backup. When sealed in its case it should be water and dust resistant (though definitely not water proof) so mild misting should be tolerated, for wet or rainy locations it should be sealed inside a plastic bag for added protection. Setup is easy, simply follow our Quick Start Guide and be online in two minutes.

Here are the cellular and power connectors. These should be substantially more rugged than the connectors built in the Cradlepoint radio. 12 Volt power input is via 4-pin XLR so it can be run off a battery belt or pack, cigarette lighter cable, or AC adaptor. A reverse voltage protection circuit is installed to protect the electronics.

Here are the Wi-Fi and ethernet connectors. One Ethernet is for LAN connections, such as to a PC, printer, Wi-Fi access point, or network switch. The other is a WAN port so this unit could be fed onsite internet and fail over automatically to cellular 4G data if the internet connection stops working. When sealed in its case it should be water resistant (though definitely not water proof) so mild misting or rain should be tolerated.

We offer battery rental so this unit can be operated in remote locations where electrical power is not available.

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